I am an INFJ (MBTI personality- Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging)  Empath. I repeat that often, but not as often as I want to. Understanding myself and what makes me tick, feel, and assess is a vital asset now more than ever. We are in a season where power and platform are being used as a weapon to distract, fearmonger, gaslight, manipulate, deceive, and abuse those of weak minds and mental instabilities. 

I understand that now more than ever, I need a strong, healthy, educated, informed, open mind. I work daily to make myself stronger and healthier, body, mind, and soul. I have children, a family, a life, and undiscovered dreams to fight for. 

I am aware of what the fight of my forties will be. I understand what we are up against, and I’m preparing as best as possible because I want to be one of the strong ones. 

I’m working towards positioning myself and my family somewhere safe. Then I watch, wait, and see what we decide to do and which side we choose because history is trying to repeat itself. 

I brought up my personality type again for more reasons than one. Trust me when I tell you I see and understand things in a way that not many people do. I know what I see and feel, and I trust myself. I may not know how to put it into perfect words but trust me when I say we are fighting for our lives, our future, and our children’s future. 

I keep talking about it because I’m trying to wake people up. I want people to know that we are the saviors/ we are the heroes/we are the light/we are divine/we are human (strong, spectacular specimens).  

You know the quote: 

‘Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.’

I say not this time. Hate will not maintain it’s a foothold. It is about to lose all its gains. Hate is about to lose this war. 

What’s This?

These are pics of a new item (that is more than just an item) I recently purchased from Amazon, waiting to serve its purpose (of new beginnings, hope, movement, faith) 

An informative post I recommend you read- Florida bans Holocaust Textbooks (The Warning with Steve Schmidt).

A good Youtube video recommendation for anyone thinking about moving out of the U.S. 

Thanks for Reading!