Last night, I had a hard time sleeping

My spirit was restless and relentless

It  fought through my nightly dose of Melatonin

To get to me,

To be felt, to be heard, to be seen

My mind raced and my thoughts wondered

Out of those racing thoughts birthed a few  poems, they could have probably been more, if not for me, trying to go back to sleep before I lose the whole night

I see ya’ll who I follow looking like you are basking in your daily bliss and blessings

To a certain extent, so am I

You don’t seem to feel it, see it, hear it

Not in the way I do

The tornado brewing, the storm stirring

I feel it, the war (love against hate, truth against lies)

I want to arm myself (with the right weaponry), but it’s coming fast and I am way behind

I want to find others like me, who see what I see, who feel what I feel

But I have yet to find them, my tribe, my fellow warriors

It’s lonely

I am trying to be the warrior these times need me to be

But how do you gear up in the eye of the storm?

I wish I was already equipped, I already established myself

Look at me, trying to be something I have never been, at a time I should already be

the warrior (of love & light) I was always meant to be

Losing doesn’t feel like an option

But I am not ready

I have to fight, I have to stand up, speak out, speak the truth, stand for what’s right

I have to be a warrior of love & light