Except for the whole losing weight thing, and moments of anxiety because of the serious politically charged bad behavior I was witnessing, I would say I handled Twenty-Twenty really well. I am thankful that all my immediate family, my friends, relatives and loved ones made it to the other side, except for one aunt who died from Coronavirus.

This year, I am hopeful and almost fully confident that it is going to be so much better for most of us than in Twenty-Twenty. 

This December, I had some extra money to spend, so I decided to spend it on me for a change. I bought myself some supplies to get started on creating the year I want.

I have decided that 2021 is my “Me Year,” and my focus is equipping myself to be the kind of woman I have always wanted to be- confident, healthy, strong, brave, wise, successful, joyful calm, more in tune with my body, mind and spirit, and at peace. I want to fill my cup up and overflow, so I can pour into others, and still always be full. 

I want to raise powerful world-changers and be one myself. I want my children to have in me, someone to admire and appreciate. 

So, I see 2021 as my kick off year, no more excuses. This year is the year, the path clears to the future I have dreamed of all my life.

I have a plan (so to speak). I have goals, hopes and dreams.


  • Develop good habits, such as movement and exercise throughout the day, going for walks, eating healthy food, getting a full night’s sleep, limiting screen time, etc.
  • Do more puzzles
  • Make time for self-care and self-love
  • Learn to ride my bike
  • Be a better gardener
  • Make time for my own projects
  • Help our finances to grow, by assisting with the family business
  • Create an efficient Home school flow with the help of my two older children
  • Have fun and blog about it 

What did I buy to put in my “Me Year” Arsenal so far?

Featured photo credit by Nadin Mario on Unsplash