Finally, it’s here. is ready. I have been working on this for over a month. Now I am putting a little piece of myself out there, offering my thoughts, opinions, visions, hopes, ideas and more to whoever is willing to receive it.

I am coming to you raw and uncertain, I don’t arrive here with answers, I have more questions than ever before. However, I have never been more sure about who I want to be, what I wish this blog to become, where I want to go, what I want to do with my life, what I hope for my family’s future, nor have I ever been less sure about how am I going to get there from where I am now and if there is a there to get to. My question of the times: is our future bright as I deeply hope it to be?

TishEra is my internet diary of where I go from here, how do I become all I hope to be and far more? As you read, you will be coming along with me on a journey, not of self-discovery, but of everyday adventures, not as much the what or who (I believe/I am), but the how (will I become/get there).

Here’s what I have written so far……….

My Life, My Thoughts, My Questions
My Political Perspective, My World View
My 2020
My 2021

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