I posted this Tish Talk late in the night on September 3rd. Not to my surprise it didn’t get much notice. These videos come with a little self-doubt, so I am not trying to go main stream with them right now. Maybe someday. In this Tish Talk I am attempting to discuss why my @latishalearnslife Instagram account does not shy away from posting political content. 

I think politics is tied to the thriving and suffering of a place and people. It sets the tone, keeps us safe, feeds, takes care of, teaches, etc. It is connected to how we all live, individually and together. It’s the difference between war and peace, life and death. How the fuck do any of us choose not to pay attention to that and not want to have a say in who’s making the rules.

Though, I don’t consider myself Christian or religious anymore. I am still influenced by biblical wisdom and draw from memory, Bible verses, stories and lessons. I’m thinking of this:

“When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways.”

1 Corinthians 13:11. ESV

I am a woman now. I have five children and a husband. I know what my family wants and needs to get by. And I am thankful for the government programs that have helped us along the way. 

People need help, and I believe in a Government that helps people. I have seen enough of this modern Maga Republican party to know it’s fascist and dangerous af, and America and the world are in grave danger. 

I always wanted to be a world-changer, so there is no way that now the world needs me to speak truth, life, love, and light that I am going to sit this one out. 

I’m sorry, but I have to make people uncomfortable. With the help of Magas in power, entities like Fox News and the like are lying, gaslighting, misleading, fear-mongering, sabotaging, and threatening on overdrive. They are attempting a fascist takeover of American, and they have the infrastructure to do it. I feel the need to counter their lies with truth. 

I have a political perspective account @latishaspov that is my all-political discussions account, but on @latishalearnslife, I share things I want to break through to non-politically focused folks. IMO, now is not the time to shy away from awareness or change. Staying out of politics is a bad idea. Right now Democracy needs our protection, it needs everyone to get involved.

Thanks for reading my commentary and watching my Tish Talk.