Why do we have Thunderstorms?

What are they for?

What  causes them

Science knows

Science answers alot of questions

Science studies, observes, experiment, analyzes, discovers, explores

Who created us?

Where did we come from?

How did we first get here?

Why are we here?

Science doesn’t know

It speculates and theorizes


Only the Universe, the higher power truly knows

I am grateful for the scientist

Those who offer their life to study, learn, analyze, discover, explore to find the answers and so much more

The answers the universe allows us to find

I am grateful to the source of life

For offering us each a space to fill with love, creation, knowledge, and discovery

I am grateful the source of life filled this beautiful Earth with all kinds of diverse people

Each with a purpose and task to fulfill

Each brought here to leave our spaces more filled with our love than when we first arrived

We could make this world better

Because that was what we were made to do

How do I know?

My heart told me so ❤️