Well, I doubt I will ever forget the day I got my 1st dose of the Pfizer Vaccine. It was Friday 13th, 2021, a very interesting day for more reasons than one.

First of all, there was the talk initiated (I think) by a certain American businessman (who seems to have lost his mind) with a pillow company. Apparently, we were supposed to see “the former guy” reinstated as President. I did not believe that for a second, so that was not something I gave much thought to. However, it was a bit amusing, watching people make fun of that, but I found it more scary and sad than anything else, as I wonder why and how we have gotten to this point.

I started this day on a positive note. I created online content I was super proud of. This gave me an extra dose of courage and confidence. I decided to use the high I was on, plus I was already dressed, and we already kind of figured this was going to be the week anyway to go get the jab.

In the car, on the way to the clinic, I was a bit scared and nervous, but not for the reasons you might think.

I did a lot of thinking during that drive (that’s what I do). I thought about the different medical experiences I had related to having my children, including the one I lost, and I reminded myself that whatever needle I was about to face has nothing on the ones I have faced already.

The more I thought about things on the way to the clinic, the more I grew convinced I was doing the right thing.

I thought about the faces and tears of people telling their story of their experiences with Covid-19, the variants, and overwhelmed hospitals. I have seen pictures of kids hooked up to ventilators. I don’t know how anyone can see these things, and still choose to put themselves first.

When I arrived at the clinic, the first lady in scrubs that met me at the door was so warm and kind, it put me at ease. She made me feel like a human that mattered. I believe she was a volunteer. At one point, before I went inside, I told her so. I told her that her kindness meant something to me, she was very touched by that. I don’t usually do things like that, but I believe now more than ever is the time to elevate kindness wherever or whenever we see it. Let people who are kind know that we see them and we appreciate them. That’s what I am going to do whenever I can.

My number was 7. I took that as a positive sign, because number 7 is a very special number in more ways than one and it’s a lucky number I’ve heard.

All the other nurses I dealt with were also warm and kind, and also made me feel like a fellow human they cared about.

The nurse who gave me the shot, introduced herself, it was a very interesting name that began with P (damn it, I should have written it down), she told me the shot wasn’t going to hurt (I didn’t believe her), but I may experience some side effects later. She explained what they were and advised me to take extra care of myself (stay hydrated, eat well, sleep well, etc.) to let the shot do it’s work.

I couldn’t believe it, she was right, I barely felt it. That blew me away, I never experienced a shot like that. Technology these days is something else.

I scheduled my next appointment, then waited 15 minutes, as requested, feeling good about myself and chatting with the really nice nurses, there to keep an eye on us. At the end of the 15 min wait, there was no cause for concern, so I was free to go.

I came outside to find my husband sitting on the bench by the door. I found that strange and asked him why he was sitting there. Turns out, the minivan had stopped working.

That was the beginning of my day’s third adventure. It was hot, and we had to wait for a friend to come to our rescue.

She came, she helped, we eventually got home in time for lunch.

It was inconvenient, but that did not touch my high.

I felt like a superhero, like I did my part to protect my family, my neighbors, my community, even my planet. I felt very proud of the others around me choosing to do the same.

Sure, it’s a risk, sure I don’t know what the heck they put in my body, and it was so painless, one could almost wonder if they put anything in at all, if not for the sore arm.

But I choose to trust. I trust the Universe/God has got my back, it/He wont lead me astray. It/He will protect and provide. I am thankful the Universe/God gifted us really smart people to find a way for us to protect ourselves from this virus and its variants.

I am thankful for my family and fellow earthmates, taking this vaccine to help us defeat this thing intent on killing us. If we save lives, ours, the ones we love, strangers, to me, it is well worth it.

Super heroes risk their lives to save others, even if it is only one person, I always wanted to be my own kind of Superhero. Super Latisha! Now, in my own way I think I am one.


Second jab, see you soon.