Last week, as I was scrolling Twitter I found myself on a feed (@patriottakes) that makes it their mission to update folks on right-wing crazies. The things they are saying and doing. 

Through doing this, I became even more aware that the level of insanity we are up against is so much deeper and so much scarier than I could really begin to imagine.

I also read an article about the MyPillow guy’s (Mike Lindell) strong belief that the former President will be reinstated as President this August.

The Atlantic- The MyPillow Guy Really Could Destroy Democracy- Anne Applebaun- July 29th, 2021

I also saw a clip where Sidney Powell (one of Trump’s crazy election fraud lawyers) said on a right-wing podcast  (Lindell TV) “Fox is part of the propaganda arm of the Democrat socialist communist party and that it’s pure fascism.”

Voxwire- Sydney Powell says Fox News is an arm of the Democratic Socialist Communist Party- Liv Barker- August 1st, 2021


Fox News has created a monster with an insatiable appetite. The crazies they spawned have grown out of their control and just like it happens in books and movies. Darkness always turns on its own and feeds on itself. 

This shit is getting out of control and it is getting there fast. The stupidest, meanest, cruelest, loudest liars, biggest bullies, and political entertainers are out there putting on a dangerous performance daily appealing to our angriest, most violent, most anti-government factions, working overtime to destroy democracy because it commits the crime of giving everyone including people who don’t share their ideology a voice.

Some really believe it should be their way or death. For others it is simply for the selfish reason of grasping money and power.  

The monster they have created started to elect and give the taste of power to the kinds of people who don’t deserve that power and don’t know how to wield it. Who misuse it or use it for evil purposes.

Democracy is in trouble. Freedom is in trouble. Our future is at stake. 

Truth is for Traitors. Courage (telling the truth, standing up for what is right) will not be tolerated. Dissent is not allowed.

These people are intent on installing a Hitler type figure as our final President and the end of Democracy, and they aren’t letting up,  they are just getting started.

2022 Midterms is a fight to the death. People will have to fight this darkness and we have to win, or my generation, the generations after me are screwed.

Our children deserve better. (Written August 1st)