From my favorite windows, I yearned to be surrounded more by nature and less by houses, streets and noise. I wished to hear the birds, and not the constant roadside clatter. 

Eventually, those wishes turned to prayers, and spiritual longings, and the dream evolved into thoughts of not just being surrounded by nature, but moving to a farm. 

When we took our first steps out of the city, we moved to the suburbs. That made me very happy for a while. We moved to our bright yellow house, I called it my Sunflower house, it had a nice but unlevel backyard for the kids to play. I liked it. 

It was a very quiet neighborhood, a fact I appreciated very much, except on the fourth of July, when it was too damn quiet, no fireworks, no neighborhood cook-outs, nothing. I missed the noise of the fourth of July. 

We had our first experience of Halloween Trick or Treaters trick or treating at our doorstep. My children loved it, especially my three year old son at the time, so I loved it too. I saw the Halloween experience in a whole new light. We lived there for 3 years, participated in the neighborhood Trick or Treat twice, by the third year, I was in a different emotional place, so we opted out. That’s a bit of a regret, because that was our last opportunity to experience something like that ever again.

Could someone survive inside a transporter buffer for 75 years?

At our yellow house, we had our little vegetable garden three summers in a row, but by the last summer, I yearned for more, for bigger, for a farm.

We started looking around for a new place to call home, my spirit had disconnected from the yellow house and I knew it was time to go. So, I looked and my husband looked, and I saw some places that I thought were “the ones,” but they were not.

Halloween at the Sunflower House
Garden at the Sunflower House

The One

When I found “the one,” I knew it, my spirit knew it. It felt the same as when I first met my husband. You know when you know. Your spirit tells you. Mine did.

I found the home and farm that seemed as though it was built for my family. Three years later, I still feel that way, even though I have some doubts about the country it is located. I want this to be home for a while, though I feel a calling to travel someday.

I want to raise my children here, home school for many years here, grow food here, host community events here, start a business here, kick off my writing journey here. Watch my children become who they will become here.

This farm has two big ponds, which we fell in love with. We decided to call our farm Faith Ponds Farm, because the two big beautiful ponds, one of which I can see from my bedroom window. The ponds are absolutely my favorite thing on the property. We eventually got ducks and geese, among other animals. To watch them swim and splash on the ponds is a joy, they look so majestic and free, it’s contagious.

I love the fresh air we breathe in every morning and every evening, as we journey to the barn to do our farm chores.

I am so thankful for this farm and our experience here so far. I want more. Our time here is not complete. I can feel it.

I have some really big dreams associated with this place, and I really would like to see them come to fruition before moving on.

We have not been able to officially acquire the farm as our own as yet, but I want this so bad it burns my belly. 

I do have doubts and fears, but the visions and spiritual yearnings are stronger.

Right now, where this farm is concerned the future is uncertain, I am waiting and hoping for an open door that makes it official. 

I look forward to the day, we call it ours. I hope that day is coming soon, maybe this is the year. Who knows.

 I got a feeling, something big is coming our way.