So, let me tell you upfront. I am not your enemy. We may or may not have differing political points of view, but it’s not the end of the world. My political view will not change a single iota of how things turn out in any political arena. I have no clout with anyone anywhere that would make any difference in what’s what, at least not yet. This is just the way I see things right now, so we can disagree and discuss, or go our separate ways, but we don’t have to fight. That’s dumb.  

The whole purpose of this article is to share my point of view with anyone interested, so, you’d know upfront what I stand for. I am willing to have good faith discussions about it, but I am not going to fight with you.

I have lived in America for the last 13 years of my life. I wasn’t born here and I did not grow up here. I was born and grew up in a small Caribbean island, so I am not or never have been a part of the two-party tug of war that has gripped this country for so long and has now gotten incredibly out of hand. In my opinion, the two-party system isn’t doing this country any favors. That’s a discussion for another time.

My early experience with American politics is as a child in the Caribbean, seeing an American President on t.v. The first President that I became aware of is Bill Clinton, to me, he looked kind and he made me feel safe. However, the guy that followed, to me, was none of those things, he did not make me feel the same, in fact I did not like him very much at all.

As a young adult, some things with American politics got my attention, such as  the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Anthrax, the Wars, and the Recession. Only in recent years, I learned the name Monica Lewinsky, and that the first U.S President that I knew of got impeached. Nevertheless, I still think he was a better President than his successor.  

Still not really paying much attention to U.S politics, I was intrigued by the historical nature of what was potentially brewing in the Democratic party in 2008. I routed for the guy who eventually won the nomination and then the Presidency for two-terms, Barack Obama. Again, I liked how he made me feel (safe) with his presence, his words, his eloquence and his charisma.

Number 45

In the last four years, when a certain someone came unto the scene and became the 45th President of the United States, a fact that concerned me deeply (to put it lightly), I have come to respect and learn a bit more about the people apart of my early political observations, George W.Bush, Hilary Clinton, John McCain and Mitt Romney. I have come to believe, though flawed just like the rest of us, they are/were fundamentally good people who care about their country. The kind of people who would put country and people before party (to a certain extent).

My newly found interest in politics is like opening Pandora’s box. I can’t unknow what I know or unsee what I have seen. Paying attention these last four years has brought out of me emotions I wish I did not feel, due to external things out of my realm of control. Emotions such as anger, frustration, disappointment, disgust and fear. Don’t get me wrong, among all the negative emotions triggered by an arena I clearly should not be in, is the strongest emotion of all; hope. Hope keeps me looking on. Seeing the best in humanity, way more than I see the worst of it.

What happened in 2016 shocked me, and I feared the worst. Every subsequent year since it all officially began (January 20th, 2017), things got worse and worse, now we are here. A failed pandemic response, the loss of over 300,000 American lives (don’t know what the death toll will be when all is said and done), misinformation, civil unrest, and an attempted coup d’état proves my concerns (fears, worries, frustrations) warranted. This is the climax of a four year battle for the soul of this country.

I have learned a lot about politics and politicians over the last four years, but I know I still have a lot to learn. I have seen the difference between people who truly care about their country, making a difference and trying to get the government to be fair and work for everyone, and people who would sell their soul and their mama, sell out their people and their country to obtain or maintain power, and the only thing that stands between them and that, are gutsy, intelligent people, who sees right through their B.S.

So, what do these people do, they try to suppress, oppress, manipulate, dictate and uneducate (I know that’s not the right word, but it rhymes, it’s poetic) the people, they fear-monger, divide and manipulate people into voting against themselves.

 I could go on and on, but what I’ll say is that I stand for and support the kinds of politics and politicians that:

  • Actually work for the people they represent and not corporations
  • That put people before party,
  • That works with allies
  • That tries to avoid unnecessary wars and doesn’t make enemies everywhere they go
  • That are good communicators (not manipulators), that speak the truth and remains silent when the truth cannot be spoken
  • That makes decisions based on what’s best for the country and the people and not just themselves or their party
  • Works with the opposition to come up with real solutions to get government working for everyone, and not just the wealthy and privileged
  • Comes up with wise and fair decisions
  • Cares about Democracy (does not have Authoritarian tendencies or ambitions)
  • Cares about the laws of the land
  • Makes fair laws
  • Promotes messages of progress and hope, instead of fear and obstruction
  • Listen to the people, represents their interests, and communicates with them
  • Is not corrupt

I also believe in/that:

  • Free healthcare, clean water, affordable or free education or skills training, a decent place to live, fair wages, equality are rights everyone should have access to
  • Fair, just and thoughtful Immigration reform
  • People should be able to go to non-war-zone places such as malls, schools, concerts, movie theaters, fairs, etc. and not get shot and/or killed.
  • I don’t believe owning a gun is a God-given right, where is that in the bible? 
  • I do believe a woman should have the right to choose (early on, but not after she is too far gone in her pregnancy, unless it’s to save her life)
  • Policies that provides and look after people in need could lower need for Abortions
  • I believe in religious-freedom and freedom from religion (laws that are reasonable)
  • We need to care for our planet and listen to science
  • Mask are patriotic, unselfish and kind
  • Mask should not be Political
  • I believe the Military and FBI should remain (or get back to being) apolitical
  • I believe he-who-should-not-be-named is a con-man, criminal and an absolute jack-ass

Needless to say I lean Democratic. Dare I ask, what about you?