The last few years has been like a revealing light, revealing everyone’s soul out in the open. Gone were the days when people’s political views were hush-hush and not known by everyone. Nowadays, most of us tell people exactly what we think in one way or another, we share it, we put it out there. Social media and the internet are ways in which we are able to do that.  

So I’d like to share with you, from my point of view, who the bad guys and the good guys are in this story we have been living through for the last four years.

From my perspective, a lot of avoidable bad things happened during the Trump presidency and I have my opinions as to why and who are to blame. Please note, if you think me sharing my point of view on this topic will upset you and you will not be able to deal with that humanely and respectfully, you do not have to read this, it’s okay. It will not be the end of the world if you move on to something else, somewhere else. 


Well, it goes without saying, I think “He-Who-Should-Not-Be-Named” is one of the worst human beings I have ever known of in my lifetime. He, in my opinion, has to be the worst American President ever, a title I hope he holds forever. He is a very bad guy. Personally, I think he is unwell (mentally unstable) and has been for a long time, and we are paying for it. He is my pick for the Number Two Evil Villain spot. Believe it or not, there is one person I put before him, as far as Evil Villainy goes.

Evil Villain Number 1- The Most Wicked of Them All

My number one Evil Villain of the Trump Era pick is this guy- (Senate Majority Leader- R-KY). His lust for power knows no bounds. He would walk over a trail of dying bodies to do whatever he has to do to keep his power and wealth. I believe he would sell his mother, maybe his wife, and definitely sell-out his country (he already has), if that’s what he has to do. I believe we can give Mitch, the majority thanks for Evil Villain Number 2’s Presidency. This man has no honor and no shame. I sense his time is coming to an end. I am looking forward to seeing that day, if life permits. That is one of the gifts of being young, if I’m lucky, I have time.

Evil Villain Number 3

My pick for Evil Villain Number 3 of the Trump Era is Former Attorney General Bill Barr. He is definitely a self-interest kind of guy. He is opportunistic, he saw an in and he took it, and when it was time to roll out before the shit hit the fan, he was out. I can’t say I fully understand this dude, and what his endgame was. He reminded me of Sheriff of Nottingham (Robin Hood). I was surprised he jumped out as early as he did, but not surprised that he jumped out in the nick of time. That seems about right. I am so curious about what Bill Barr knows, that we don’t. I am glad he is out though. He was 45’s best right hand man.

The Sniveling Snake

This guy (Senator-R-SC) is pathetic. He too, has no honor and no shame, I guess none of them do. He is a leech and suck-up, who attaches himself to whoever he has to, to stay in close proximity to the power he craves to be relevant. In my opinion, he is a self-serving snake, who will transform and adapt to whoever he has to be to be where he wants to be. He has no loyalty, except to himself. He definitely, reminds me of the character Beni Gabor from “The Mummy,” in the scene where he’s grabbed by the Mummy himself, and he prays to every God/religion, whose religious symbols he has around his neck, in their correlating language, to ensure his survival. Remember that scene? His character was that self-serving throughout the movie, betraying whoever he had to, in order to survive. I liked how it ended for Beni (served him right), and I am very interested to see how things end for this snake as well. 

The Fly

Mike Pence, Mr. Vice President. He is the worst. I bet, you can guess why I call him “The Fly.” Honestly, not to be harsh, but I think this guy is trash and it is quite fitting to call him that. He stands there silently like a fly on the wall, as his boss says and does the stupidest things, and what does he do, he doubles down on it and backs him up all the way. Is it loyalty? If it is, what is he loyal to? Not America and certainly not Americans. The first time I heard this man really speak and reveal his true colors to me was at the Vice-Presidential debate against Kamala Harris (October 7th, 2020). Seems he has a silver tongue (which I did not know, because I hardly ever heard him speak), he can say some really insulting, manipulative, dishonest, disgusting things in a very calm, trustworthy sounding manner. You have to be paying close attention to the words coming out of his mouth, despite the distraction of the fly on his head (lol). I also thought he was patronizing and misogynistic at that debate, which made me not like him even more. In my view, he is not christian-like at all despite what he thinks, and he is weird. I do not like him one bit. I can’t wait until his replacement takes over the job he really sucks at.

Enablers, Minions, Liars, Clowns, Fools

That’s what they are. These aren’t the super villains or evil geniuses of the era. These are the minions, enablers, liars, clowns and fools. Men and women with wicked ambition, ready to say and do whatever they have to, to get what they want. In my opinion, the sad thing is they don’t seem to be smart enough to realize it won’t work. They don’t seem to understand that what it’s going to cost, is worth more than what they are going to end up with. As they continue to walk this road, their value declines. What will they be without their dear leader. What will their future hold when he loses. They have no substance, and no foundation to stand on. Do they have longevity? No, they don’t. Will they become irrelevant? Yes, they will.

The Cowards

The ones who know better, but said and did nothing when it mattered. I am thinking of you Susan Collins. I hope their cowardice and hypocrisy are justly rewarded in the years to come.

The Females Liars

Call them what you like, but the number one thing that bares true is that what these women should be called are liars. As a woman, these are the most disappointing women I have ever come to know of in my life. They are not worth our time and attention. These are not women of worth. Claiming to be christian women, yet, defending the indefensible, accepting the unacceptable, lying and revealing themselves to be the worst of their species. I would be lying if I said that I want to see these women succeed at anything again in the future. I do not want them to have a soft landing. I don’t want to see them on t.v ever again, I hope not many people buy their books. I hope people never forget who these women are, and what they said and did, when integrity and virtue was needed most. I hope young women never look up to them, especially as an example of Christianity or Jesus’ love, they are far from it. I could imagine these women, being told at Heaven’s gates, at the end of their life-  “I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’”

The Magats

These people I don’t hate, I don’t know if they are all bad people, and I don’t understand them. Truth be told, I think they are hateful and ignorant. These are the people that says some dumb ironic shit when they get on camera, and you wonder what ate their brain. They go to his rallies, wear his stupid hats, laugh, chant, and cheer no matter what he says. They believe every lie that comes out his mouth, or that they hear on Fox News or other propaganda networks. They see Trump through different lens than the rest of the world. They are his ride or dies. They say things like,”Trump doesn’t golf,” “Trump doesn’t lie,” “Trump loves this country,” “Trump is fighting for us,” but to the rest of us who still have functioning brains, it’s obvious, none of what they believe about that guy is true.

Fox News and The Propaganda/Disinformation Army

What are they doing? What is the end game? Why do these Fox News t.v personalities (horrible people) say the dangerous things they say on their network? What is it that they think they are doing? Is this truly all about money? Do they believe the lies they spew? I do not watch Fox News, but I have seen some clips, and anytime I have been unlucky enough to see Fox News clips I am disgusted (and terrified) to my core. People listen to this stuff every night. It’s dangerous and unhealthy. Again, I ask, what is the end game and will it be worth it? I truly don’t think so. Now, Frankenstein’s monster is out of Frankenstein’s control. Now the monster is turning on it’s creator. Now, the students are trying to become the master, other propaganda networks are trying to take Fox New’s top spot, in the worship of the zombies they’ve created. I wonder where this story is going and how is this going to end?


The cowardly hero that could have saved us all. Every once in a while, they’d try to fight back a little, but what they tried to do, definitely was not enough and not what they could have done. What were they afraid of? Why didn’t Twitter see their power and responsibility? Twitter could have neutered this guy/this movement long ago, saved us all the heartache and suffering. Twitter the cowardly hero. I understand that it may be more complicated than I think, and everything happens for a reason. However, it would be interesting to peek at an alternative path in this story and see how things would have ended up, if Twitter had been ballsy enough to cut this megaphone, down to size. Would they have saved lives? I’m thinking yes.

The Names I Will Never Forget

I debated in my mind, whether or not to mention these names in this post, there are so much more names, than I have time or are willing to mention here. This is a short list with names of folks that have stood out to me most during the Trump Presidency (that aren’t called by name above), through their lies, propaganda and actions. It’s safe to say I am not a fan, and I will be keeping a side eye on these folks to see if their future is kind and how they fare in the history books (if I get a chance to see that).

Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, The Trump Cabinet, Kellyanne Conway, The Press Secretaries (all of them), Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Kayleigh Mcenany, Tomi Lahren, Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Ron Johnson, Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, most GOP Senators, most GOP Representatives and the list goes on.

It worries me, what these people, along with their dear leader has normalized these last four years, we are never going go back to what was. So now what? What’s ahead?

Featured Photo Credit by Erika Fletcher on Unsplash (Hitler)