I am not going talk extensively about a topic I know very little about. I just want to mention a few things.

What is happening in Afghanistan sucks. I feel compassion for the people trapped in a world and reality they don’t want to be in. It’s cruel to be so powerless and outnumbered, as people treat you like you have no worth and take your freedoms from you. I wish, with my idealistic, empathetic brain to save us all. I wish we all could be free to live our best lives. I don’t understand why not.

As I scroll through Twitter to hear various takes on the matter. I read words of anger, misplaced blame, gaslighting, memory lapses, etc. Most people seem to support this move, others don’t, others think it could have been done in a better, smarter way.

I don’t know if done differently, or slower or in someway smarter, if the outcome would have been any different. If another President took charge of this effort would it have turned out any better?

I am just wondering, didn’t the Afghan government have adequate time to prepare to take control of their country? Didn’t they know this was coming? Why didn’t they fight for their country? Why did they fold so easily?

It’s as though the US tried to teach these guys to ride a bike for 20 years, pushing them along as they enjoyed the comfort and safety of someone else pushing them all the way, then when the US finally let go, they panicked, immediately stopped peddling, fell and let the cruel bullies steal their bike. What happened? Serious.

But like I said, I don’t know very much about the topic. I trust the people who knows what is truly going on knows what they are doing, and if they may have gotten some of it wrong or it could have been differently. They still know more than me.

I’ve heard so many different voices on this, it’s not a consensus, different people, different takes. It seems to me like a no-win situation and a war with no end. I admired President Joe Biden’s courage to actually do what the last 2 Presidents said they would do, but didn’t. Sometimes you just got to rip the bandage off swiftly, and endure the pain. He kept another promise and most Americans agreed with him.

He made a tough call. It is painful, very painful, for some more than others, but we will see how things shape up in days, months, years to come.

For Afghanistan, America and the rest of the world. We are all going to have to try to fight one way or the other for world ? we want live in.

It doesn’t mean we will always get it right or always win. We don’t know what the future holds when we make a decision in the present, but a good leader, uses the information and resources available to them, and makes a decision nevertheless.