Here we are already, almost through the second month of the year 2021. Time is moving along so quickly. So far, for me, it has been a very good year. It’s been our best year in the last five years. It seems like a lot of what has been on a stand still is getting ready to shatter the glass, and send opportunities and possibilities flooding through.

I truly don’t know what this year’s got for me, but if the momentum of the last couple of months are any indication (which I believe they are), this year is going to be an amazing breakthrough year.

To be honest, the current political environment in the US has me terrified of 2022 and 2024. The outcomes of the next election cycles very much concern me, because we could fall under dark, cruel, and authoritarian leadership so easily. We barely escaped it the last time. It’s like we are living in a movie, with super villains, and we have to constantly fight for our lives and freedom, because there are bad guy’s ready to take them away, if we let our guards down. No pressure!

That’s why this year, I am trying my best to stay focused and keep my eye on the ball. Don’t know what the prize is, don’t know what the future holds, just focusing on one day at time.  

So what have I been up to in February, so far

In February, on my 2021 Victory calendar I made, I talked about loving myself more and spending more Mother/Daughter time with my 14 year old daughter. So far, without thinking about it I have been staying true to my February affirmations. 


I have developed a home school routine that works for this time, our routine is always evolving and taking shape to suit our family’s needs in the moment, in other words, it flows with our flow. So, this time around I have incorporated 1 on 1 time with one child everyday day of the school week.  Each kid loves and very much look forward to their day. We have been doing this for about a month now, and I am quite pleased with the results. I am very much satisfied with how our weekly routines are going. My kids are learning, growing and developing good habits. It’s not perfect, but the success rate of a well-spent day is high most days. 

Mother/Daughter Time:

My daughter’s day is on Fridays. It’s my best day too, because it’s a time that I not only spend with her, but I get to do something relaxing that I love. Our Friday routine, consist of listening to classical music and completing very colorful and fun puzzles, she then shares with me what’s going on in the book series she’s currently reading, then we watch a show, so far, we’ve watched “The Babysitter’s Club” and “Julie and the Phantoms” on Netflix. We also watched “Enola Holmes”(Netflix) while I braided her hair, two weekends ago. Last Friday, I had to work, during our usual time, so we did it on Friday night instead, skipped the puzzle, talked, ate deserts and watched the show. I am also very pleased by how mother-daughter time has been going.

What I Have Been Watching:

T.V Shows:

I binged watched the Bridgerton t.v series two Sunday’s ago, and I loved it. I’ll be talking more about that in another blog post. I binged watched the first 5 episodes of WandaVision on Disney+ last weekend, then I had to wait for Episode 6 this Friday. It’s unique, different, weird, but interesting, very interesting.

Movies I’ve Watched Lately:
  • All the Bright Places- * * * (January-Netflix-by myself)
  • The King of Staten Island- * * * (January-HBO Max- By myself)
  • Finding Ohana- * * * (January-Netflix-with my family)
  • Tall Girl- * * (Netflix- By myself)
  • The Silver Linings Playbook-* * * (Netflix- by myself)
  • Don’t Let go- * * * * (HBO Max-with husband)
  • Enola Holmes – * * * * * (second time- Netflix- with daughter)
  • Godmothered- * * (Disney+-by myself)
  • To All the Boys I Loved Before: Always and Forever- * * * * (Netflix-by myself)
Being Consistent:

I finally found a way to be more consistent in my daily exercise routine. I started a 30-day Yoga program I found on prime (30 Day Yoga For Weight Loss with Julia Marie) that I enjoy. I have my daughter doing it with me at 5:30 in the morning. This is the first time in forever, I can say, I have been consistent in my work-out routine.

Here are the reasons why:
  • Julie Marie – is very pleasant and warm
  • I think I like Yoga
  • Setting an example for my daughter in being consistent
  • I feel the movement working through my body well after I am finished
  • It relaxes me and teaches my how to breath
Politics this Month:

Watched some parts of the Second Impeachment trial of Donald Trump, last week- February 8th- 13th. I thought the Impeachment Managers did a fantastic job proving their case and if it was a fair trial he would have been found guilty without a doubt. However, most of the Jurors knew what they were going to do before the Trial even began. Not only were they Jurors, they were also witnesses. 57 chose to do right by their colleagues, those who lost their lives to protect them, the country, the constitution, their oath and be on the right side of history. 43 chose poorly. Will that choice come back to haunt them later, I say yes. Will it come by to haunt us all? Left to be seen. It depends on what all the resistors do next. 

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

My “Me Year” Arsenal

So, yeah, I am spending a bit more money on myself than I am usually able to this year.

My Reasons are:
  • Because I can
  • Because I want to provide myself with an arsenal to push me forward in my self-improvement goals
  • Because it makes me feel confident and empowered
  • It cheers me up, in moments of disappointment, related to the big picture (world issues)
What did I add to my “Me Year” Arsenal this month:

I bought myself these things on the day that guy was acquitted, because the Senate could not reach enough votes to do so.

Here’s what I bought myself lately:
3 Journals/Planners from Lovet Agency:
  • A Self-Care Planner
  • A Vision Board Planner
  • A Blog Planner
Something New to Try- Girl Stuff

Bought myself a Knix Period (Leaf-Proof) Underwear recommended by @GreenGirlLeah to try. 

My Reasons are:
  • To reduce my Carbon-Footprint because I love my planet
  • To see if I would be comfortable with it
One Last Thing:
Bridgerton Book Club:

 I am participating in a Bridgerton Book Club online hosted by Blake & Mary Media, called Mary’s Book Club. We are doing Bridgerton Book 1, which inspired season one of the Netflix Bridgerton series. Never done this before, but I promised myself I would participate and have fun doing it. It is my goal this year to focus on other things other than Politics and politically charged bad behavior. So, let’s see how it goes.

Would like to host my own Bridgerton Book Club, but I don’t have any friends or people to do that with. We’ll see what happens. 

Valentine’s Day was fun!

That’s my February so far, let’s see what the rest of the month has to offer.