Time is zooming by so quickly, without complaints from me; it’s March already! I am looking forward to saying my official goodbyes to winter, in hopes it will simply let go and get gone without resistance, but I don’t know, these 2020’s have not been taking it easy on us with much of anything. I am looking forward to looking outside and seeing luscious green everywhere, as well as more signs of Spring. I am already seeing the signs, the animals are more active, lots of rainfall, the temperature is warming up and our ponds have thawed. 

Something Interesting that happened this month so far:

We had high winds Monday night (March 1st), and our power went out at 1 am Tuesday morning (March 2nd), it was out for the entire day and did not come back on until 9:42 p.m, it wasn’t one of my best days, but we had a generator, a butane stove, batteries, and flashlights, we were prepared for the most part. We made do. I played bored/board games with the kids, and I almost finished reading all of my book (The Duke and I) that day.

What’s been going well so far?

Well, so far in the year 2021, for my family and I things are going well. If I lived in a newsless, internet-less, social-media-less bubble, nothing would bring me down, and life would be happy and clueless. For us, things are good, they could be better, but we have much to be thankful for.

We are working hard, making money, our business is finally taking us to where we always wanted to be- financial security, we haven’t ”arrived” but we are heading in the right direction. 

Homeschool is going well. I finally came up with a routine that works for us at this time- my kids are definitely learning and growing, and I get to bear witness to that. I created a March/St.Patrick’s Day themed homeschool journal for four of my kids to work from this month. I ordered them on February 28th, hopefully they will arrive in time to be relevant. It would have been ideal to finish them sooner, but there is only a certain amount of time I have to work with to get things done.

My self-care- getting stronger-physically, mentally, spiritually- quest is coming together at a manageable pace. Doing Yoga for 30 mins every weekday morning, taking time out for myself daily, spending more time doing things I love, meditating, spending more time with each of my kids individually. Piece by piece I am learning to cautiously make an effort to love myself.

What’s not going well?

Well, I haven’t lost any weight yet, I am working on it. Working on building a foundation of good health habits that would eventually translate into a healthy weight. My stomach flab drives me nuts, and I want it gone, wish I could snap a finger and make it happen. My weight challenges are my biggest challenges to overcome. I am trying not to get discourage, but I got to tell you, I am not very confident in my ability to achieve this goal. I hope that I will be more successful in accomplishing this goal when it warms up.

My Silk and Sonder journal for March has not yet shown up in my mailbox, even though, it says it was shipped since February 10th, I am not happy about that. I paid for a year subscription of these monthly journals, the day after Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died to help me feel better about what I knew was coming.

What am I watching?

I am currently watching in my personal t.v time, every Friday, WandaVision on Disney+. I wasn’t sure if I’d like it, so I wasn’t sure if I’d try it out, but I did. Thoughts- It’s unique, interesting, weird, intriguing and I don’t hate it. 

With the kids, we’re currently watching Elena of Avalor and Dinosaurs on Disney+

With my daughter, during Mother-Daughter Time we just started watching “The Healing Powers of Dude” on Netflix. Thoughts-It’s very creative, and I like it. We also watched, during our first of what I hope to be many “Soul-Care Sunday” sessions “Diary of a Future President.” on Disney+. Thoughts- some parts of it, I don’t like for a kid show.

Bridgerton Book Club

The Duke and I

I completed “The Duke and I,” even though the podcast book club I listen to and comment on hosted by Blake & Mary Media, called Mary’s Book Club at JointheNerdClan.com is only at Chapter Two, I could not wait that long so I will be reading those chapters over to follow along. I will do my own lonely book club chat here soon, with myself for now, because I don’t know anyone. Why the heck not?

I ordered book 2- “The Viscount and I” from Amazon, but it won’t be arriving until the end of the month, it was out of stock. I am very much looking forward to reading that. I love Julie Quin’s writing style, she has an elegant way with words. Will talk about that more in my book club post.

My “Me Year” Arsenal

Bought Myself:

What I am Watching:
Looking forward to watching this month:
  • Coming 2 America this Friday (with husband-Prime-March 5th, 2021)
  • WandaVision Finale (by myself-Disney+)
  • The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (with husband-Disney+)
Shows Releasing in March that I Might be Interested in watching (not sure), this month or sometime in the future:
  • Moxie (Netflix)
  • Bad Trip (Netflix)
  • Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal (Netflix)
  • Yes Day (Netflix)
  • Waffles and Mochi (with kids-Netflix)
  • Alien TV: Season 2 (with kids- Netflix)
  • Country Comfort (Netflix)
  • The Irregulars (Netflix)

Two months down, 10 more to go. I have alot to be thankful for, and I am not taking a moment for granted. It is my goal to feel good about who I am and what I have accomplished by the end of the year, and ready myself for what’s to come in 2022.