This is the first month of my new beginning. So, how am I going to do this? Am I being too ambitious, maybe, but with all the plans, goals, and big ideas, it’s worth a shot. I may or may not fall short of my goals, but if I reach for the stars and land on the clouds, that’s still not a bad place to be. 

So, what am I thinking? What am I planning? What are my goals for 2021?

Well, right now, as I am writing this post, it’s January 5th and tomorrow is January 6th, a lot of shit/nonsense has been leading up to the significance of these next two days. What happens in these next two days will be monumental and historic, and will set the tone for a very long time in the future. It will determine my path ahead and my children’s future. I wonder if the people involved truly understand the power in their hands.

Today is the last day of voting in the Georgia Run-Offs and tomorrow Congress will count Electoral College votes, and apparently some GOP Senators and Representatives, will make a spectacle of it and torment people even more than they already have.

Thoughts and Prayers before January 5th and 6th, 2021

I am praying that these two events work out positively in the end for those of us who want a brighter future than what these horrible people (GOP Enablers) are trying to offer us, we deserve better than that. 

How am I feeling about things? Calm, Confident (80%) and hopeful. I believe everything happens for a reason, and nothing that has happened to lead up to now is an accident. I believe the Democrats will win this. Am I all the way sure? Nope, but I have faith; this is what needs to happen for brighter days ahead. 

Needless to say, I am aware of the what went down on these two days, and I was very right, they were historic!

So politics aside. What else am I up to this month? Working with our family business more to ensure the continuation of financial growth the months ahead. We have big plans and goals, and big plans and goals need money. 

I am also working to establish a new home school routine, which isn’t an easy feat, incorporating each family members individual needs.

What are my plans in terms of my “Me Year” goals?

  • Work on launching my blog, with a 15 blog post start-up (been writing these post since early Dec)
  • Start working on the kids home school journals for them to begin using in February
  • Possibly start designing a me-planner (a planner specifically designed for my life) idea I have
  • Arrange A Girl Time Mother-Daughter date with my only daughter, at least once or twice
  • Start working on my puzzle-of-the-month
  • Exercise often, start developing better habits and make more time for Self-Care.

Habits I am Starting to work on this Month:

  • A 4 AM Work Session to work on my own Projects
  • 5 AMish Workout session
  • 5 AM the latest Wake-Up time (when the first two don’t work out)
  • Working at my computer standing up
  • Eating healthy, cutting down the calories
  • Going to bed by 10 P.M
  • Not looking at Social Media, before breakfast or morning farm chores
  • Putting my phone to bed by 9 P.M

Streaming- Shows I May Try to Watch if I find the Time:

  • On Netflix- LA’s Finest, Bridgerton, Prom, Death to 2020, Midnight at Magnolia
  • Disney+- Godmothered
  • HBO Max- The High Note, The King of Staten Island
  • Philo- Maybe a Hallmark Murder mystery or two

Plus some things I want to read as well. 

Realistically, I know I probably won’t get to do everything I have listed in this post this month, or this year for that matter, but I am willing to try, because like I said, if I land on the clouds, that’s not a bad place to be. I am constantly growing, that’s life. 

I’ve got my “Me Year” tools and resources, some still on their way, my standing desk, determination, ambition, hope, faith and the will to try. January, let’s get some things done and have fun in the process. 

January 5th and 6th, work your blessings.

Featured Photo by Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash, Photo by little plant on Unsplash