Maybe I don’t belong here

And I just won’t admit it to myself

Maybe it’s not me that needs to be worthy of this place

Maybe it’s this place that needs to worthy of me

I am loving, kind, empathetic, compassionate and full of fire

A place worthy of my passion and love is my desire

A place that is kind, calm and peaceful

Not a place angry, violent and resentful

I contemplated stepping up and joining the fight

But I feel so lonely trying to do what’s right

Should I care less, is that what I should do?

Should I shut my mouth, never say what’s true

Maybe I don’t belong here, maybe I should go

Run away from here, leave this crazy show

I am better than this

I am worth so much more

A better, more loving world is worth fighting for

So I will step up and be who I was made to be

A Warrior of the Light

Healed, loving and free

I will speak my truth

Spread positivity

I will not let the darkness overwhelm me

I will shine my light

Let my soul be free

Anywhere I am

Is where I am meant to be