Hey Ya’ll, Hope all is well with you and  your day is blessed

Let me tell you who I am, what I did and what I am about to do.

This month is my birth month, I am about to hit 39. I am so grateful to be still here and for all my life has gifted me this far.

I am a Millennial mom of 5, a wife, a poet, an idealist, an Empath, a dreamer and a believer in the existence of something bigger than myself.

I can see and feel the darkness and evil (not always what you think it is) of this world ? trying to cheat us and our loved ones of our lives, our futures, our legacies, our ability to thrive. I say, heck no, not without a fight.

So, I am training to be a “Warrior of Love and Light” and I am seeking my fellow warriors. Time for us to reclaim our ?, reclaim our space and time, reclaim our legacy.

I deem this week “Warrior Week” and I am going to be sharing warrior poetry I wrote over the last month. I am ready to fight the darkness of this world with my superpowers- my heart, my mind, my voice, my writing and whatever powers are yet to be discovered.

Thank you, Warriors

Love, Peace and Blessings ?❤️?