Is it too late?

Have we already lost?

Are they too damn powerful?

Is Democracy already died?

Is the world’s destruction inevitable?

You know what, to heck with you, who says that, think that, and just surrender to that idea

The enemy wants you to think that

It wants you to go to sleep, surrender, forget your power or never discover it at all

Yes, I am powerless, but at the same time, I, all by myself is so damn powerful

Just me, alone can make a huge impact

So think how much more powerful we are together

Why do you think “the enemy” (not flesh and blood) weaponizes every good thing it can to keep us divided

If we fight all the time and focus on our differences (which isn’t our weakness but our strength) we could never solve anything.

That’s why it is up to us, the truth-seers, truth-tellers, light-bearers to utilize our power and abilities to encourage, enlighten and remind people of their power.

That’s what I am here to do, to remind you to never give up hope, never lose faith, never forget how powerful you are, all by yourself, but how much stronger we are together.

Find your tribe, join the army, and let’s reclaim our world and our power, once and for all

We are closer than we have ever been. This is the freaking Woke Generation. Hold your Head Up and wear that with pride.