“The sky is falling”

Have you ever heard the original story of “Chicken Little/Henny Penny/Chicken Licken?”

I do believe I vaguely remember watching the 1943 short film created by Walt Disney in my childhood. I also remember watching the “Golden Girls” performing a skit of it in S6:E26 “Straight No Chaser” in my younger days. Not sure if I read the book.

Chicken Little (1943 film) Wikipedia

I remember how the story ends, all the paranoid poultry followed the “foolish one” into the Fox’s ? den where he devoured them all.

The sly fox used their paranoia; fears; lack of intelligence, intellectual curiosity and discernment to manipulate them into doing what he wanted; walk straight into his den.

That sly Fox known as Foxy Loxy. In my mind, reminds me of Fox News and it’s role in American society today and the “foolish one” that led his followers straight into the Fox’s den, “the former guy”.

“influence the masses aiming first at the least intelligent.”

Who are “the followers”? You know exactly who they are. If you are one of them snap out of it, before it’s too late.  

I am not going to sugar coat it.

I believe with all the sincerity of my heart, that “Fox News” and the other more dangerous right-wing/far-right media networks (Newsmax, OANN, etc.) it spawned are leading people to their deaths.

I don’t watch them, but boy I see those clips, and it terrifies me that people feed off of this stuff day in and day out.

Why would people choose to do that to themselves? We need the smartest of us to dig deep, find out and try to understand.

Fox New (Foxy Loxy) lies (“if you tell them a lie, tell them a big one”) and manipulates (“undermine the masses faith in their leader”).

I wonder about the true origin of this network? What was it’s goal when if first began? What is it’s goal now? Is it just about power or is it something much more sinister than that?

Fox News is deliberately deceiving people and leading them to their deaths, it knows what it’s doing and doing it anyway.

Power can not be it’s only objective (IMO). It has to be something way more and much worst.

I hope someday sooner than later, we find out before this sinister fox devours us all.

Moral of this post-


Think, Discern, Snap-out-of-it before it’s too late.