If we destroy the planet

If we are left with nothing but rubble

I don’t think I would be a survivor

I believe I would immediately crumble

I don’t know why this is a thought that has to occur

Can’t we just not destroy the planet, can’t we simply take care of her?

If the selfish and the greedy rule the world,

Opps, they already do

They will take, take, take, and take

That’s all they’d ever do

I want to reclaim the earth for someone like me and you

Full of love, laughter and light

I don’t want this world to harden us, harden our hearts, steal our hope, deprive us of our fight

It seems like the bullies always get their way

Because they are loud and have no honor

But light is brighter, love is stronger

Laughter has more power

So, sisters and brothers, warriors of light

Let your let shine

Join the fight

Claim the Earth, before it’s taken

by darkness and demons, soldiers of Satan

This is our world ?. This is our home.

You arbiters of chaos and confusion

Need to get gone

Love will win. It always does.

Love always wins because

It’s force is stronger than darkness

It has a stronger foundation

It’s more stable and unshakable

Solid and unbreakable

So, screw your apocalypse

Your impending doom, your expectations of disaster

You, underestimate the force of good and the art of love it master