I am not going to type his name, not even once, but if you are somewhat informed you’ll know right away who I am talking about. 

Growing up, I read in books and watched on t.v, stories of good versus evil, stories with superheroes and supervillains, stories of princesses and evil step-mothers who wanted to do them harm, even in bible stories, such as “David and Goliath,” and “Daniel in the Lion’s Den.”

I have learned early on what good or really good, or what really bad or super evil looks like. I can identify right away what a bad guy/gal looks like. Is it only me that learned those lessons? I thought all of us did.

Photo by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash

I know sometimes, it can be really hard to tell, especially when dealing with a very charismatic, excellent liar who tells you exactly what you want to hear, but this guy (he-who-should-not-be-named) is not that. This guy is the epitome of every cliche story villain I have ever seen. He is the epitome of bible time villians or history’s evil-doers that I have learnt about throughout the course of my life. I know I am not the only one that sees it this way.

In my opinion, which I know many people share, he is the embodiment of evil. He possesses many, if not every negative trait I know.

He lies every time he opens his mouth, not caring one bit the ramification of his lies. His words have gotten people killed, of this I am absolutely certain. He is deceitful, criminal, corrupt, cruel, unkind, heartless, selfish, narcissistic, shameless, idiotic and more. 

He is the naked emperor who walks around pretending to be draped in the most expensive, beautiful attire you have ever seen, that somehow gets a whole bunch of spineless, cowardice, soulless losers, I mean people, to go along with his lies.  

This man wants to be a useless King; loved, feared, revered and praised for absolutely no reason, in a land of Democracy. Law, order, democracy and truth are his enemies and he is determined to see their deaths, at any cost. Lucky for him, he has help. They have propped him up, and kept him going strong, when he should have been down for the count many battles ago. 

Lucky for us, we have super heroes on our side, they are courageous, they fight back, they are the truth tellers, they speak up, tell the truth, lay their lives down (their peace of mind, their comfort, their safety, their rewards) to step between the mad king and democracy. They fight for us.

The mad king’s following think that he is strong, but anyone paying attention, could see he is weak. he’s still here (for now) because he has help, all those soulless people who to this day still lie on his behalf, covering for him, doing his bidding (no matter how stupid they look), and trying very hard to convince us that we are not seeing what we think we are seeing, he is not the weak, naked, useless king, he is revealing himself to be. Forgive me for saying this, but in my opinion, only weak (ignorant and uninformed) minds would believe that. 

He is in fact those things. I don’t need anyone (Pastor, Preacher, Teacher, Politician, Lawyer, Press Secretary, News Reporter, etc.) to tell me who or what he is, because he-who-should-not-be-named tells me everytime he opens his mouth, everything that he does shows me who he is. He is a very stupid, very weak, very dangerous man, responsible for a lot death, pain and suffering over the last four years. He did not do it alone, he had help. Lots of it.

My wish is that his name fades away, disappears from our tongues and minds, because I believe every time we say his name, in one way or the other, he grows in strength. We should weaken him, stop letting him suck up the oxygen in every space and dominate so much of our minds and attention. It only gives him strength.

However, history must not forget these last four years, especially the last one, and what has been done (or not done). History must not forget the most dangerous men of this time, and what they tried or are trying to do, history must not forget their helpers (the treasonous, lying, soulless cowards they are) and the heroes (the truth tellers, the street warriors, the truth-seekers). 

Their names should be forged in history’s pages, among the others with similar evil ambitions, pain, suffering and destruction in their wake.  I pray history remembers kindly the heroes who stood between the mad king and everything he wanted to do.