One of the things I hate most about these times

are how many of us judge people not by the content of their character or their individuality, but by their group

The group which society or sometimes they put themselves in

Then each group has a label

“The Liberals”

“The Conservatives”

“The Gays”

“The Trans”

“The Evangelicals”

“The Blacks”

“The Whites”

Etc. Etc. Etc.

We oversimplify the complexity of the human experience

We put each person in this group and expect each member to be a carbon copy of the other

Never giving each other a chance because you think you know them, you think you know their heart, you think you know how they think

So why waste your time trying to find out who they really are

Am I wrong to believe we are more than the group society places us in?

We are not and never have been as simple as what some people try to make us out to be

We are so much more than our “group”

For me, I am yet to find a group that fully represents who I am

I am so much more than just one group

I am open to learning, growing, evolving

I look at all these groups from above

and I wonder, why can’t each person be judged and known for their own individuality, and not assessed by the group they’ve been put it?

Just a thought