When I was young, my English teacher excitedly introduced my class to “The Sound of Music.”  I loved most of the songs but hated the ending. I didn’t understand how anyone could like this movie, and I wondered why my English teacher thought this would be a good movie for us to watch.

 I did not fully understand “The Sound of Music” until I grew to understand Fascism. I had never heard of the word “Fascism” until Madeleine Albright introduced it to me when discussing her new book “Fascism- A Warning” on Morning Joe in 2018. I still haven’t read it yet, because so much is happening right now, and I find it hard to quiet my mind to read a book. However, I plan to very soon. I haven’t relaxed very much in the last seven years.

As these years progressed (2016-now), more and more, the boiling pot bubbled and bubbled, grew hotter and hotter, and more intense and forceful. I see Fascism spreading and growing and getting harder to ignore (like The Frog in the Boiling Pot Metaphor). 

I feel as though my family and I are working towards our less urgent version of the ending scene of “The Sound of Music” when the Von Trapp family ran away from their home, fleeing fascism (“Nazi-invaded Europe”- according to Wikipedia). 

If you’re not seeing Fascism augmenting (growing) everywhere, you are not looking. If you are not seeing intentional evil, chaos, fear, ignorance, and outrage incitement, then you are not paying attention. I see it as clear as day, making me want to do nothing but continually point it out every freaking day and try my best to get people to see it, too (wake them up). 

We are at a boiling point, not only in America but worldwide. Friends, I am aware of the beauty and blessings surrounding me, but I fully understand how quickly beauty can turn to rubble, and blessings can turn to tears. Are you seeing what is happening in Ukraine? Do you remember how beautiful and thriving it used to be? Who’s to say it couldn’t happen to us anywhere? 

If America is continually weakened and distracted by its Fascist movement, it becomes vulnerable and in danger of being attacked by a more powerful regime. China and Russia are coming for ya’ll (America), and it looks like they are teaming up to take America’s top spot.

 Is America still the most powerful country in the world? I know it is one of the most unsafe countries in the world.

My family and I are returning to where we came from (the Caribbean). Rising American Fascism is not the only reason we’re leaving, but it is undoubtedly one of them. Not that much, unlike the Trapp family in the book, “The Story of the Trapp Family Singers,” from which “The Sound of Music” musical is inspired. 

 According to Wikipedia, the Trapps “left Austria openly by train, instead of secretly at night.” My family will leave openly and freely on a plane before this fight against Fascism intensifies, as I am sure it will. 

In my mind, I will continue to use the resources ( my platform) and talents (my intuitive writing) available to me as an online warrior in this fight, even when I am no longer here, at least until whatever will be will be in 2025. I want my family to be at peace and safe. 

After all, we are a family of 7, and my only daughter, our oldest child, is “16 going on 17” (sing that part), and she deserves a chance to live her best life, in peace, safety, and comfort, outside of the widening American divide.  

Don’t get me wrong, friends. I have no doubt that the Anti-Fascist Majority will win the war for the future, but that’ll be a conversation for another time. 

Thanks for reading. 

Love, Light & Learning