Yes, I know it’s spring, and you, like me, wish to focus on nature, renewal, growth, and beautiful things. I not only want this beautiful spring,  I want many. I want a bright future for all of us—a future of love, light, and enlightenment, not darkness and suppression. 

I have been thinking about this a lot lately and not sleeping as much as I should. I want to say all the right words all at once. I want to say everything I need in one go, but I know that is impossible. I got up, intending to put some of my thoughts into words, and this is what came out: 


I don’t know what the world at this time exactly looks like to anyone else but me.

I don’t know what any of you are thinking or what any of you see. 

I see beauty and danger. 

Strength and weakness

Love and hate

Light and darkness

Truth and deceit

Enlightenment and ignorance

Freedom and fascism

Courage and fear

Woke and willful blindness

Diversity and the cult

I don’t see true peace

It’s an illusion

This is war

We are at a crossroads

It’s right fucking now or never

There is no next time

I hear the noise and it’s loud and overwhelming

And some days I can’t bare it

I know what they are doing

They are trying to wear us down 

Exhaust us 

Bully us into submission

But fuck that

Never back down

This isn’t just our fight

This is for our children

This is for their freedom

Their freedom to be and become

Their freedom to choose who they want to be, 

and how they want to live and love

We all have one life and it’s fleeting

We should each have the right to live free, happy and thrive

We all should have the right to feel alive

Except those who are genuinely evil

Those who deliberately harm the innocent for their personal gain and gratification

True evil needs to be known and seen

And eradicated 

We are at the crossroads

There is no peace (now), peace is just an illusion

Your current safety is decieving you

It’s only giving you time to gather your weaponry 

To arm yourself, to prepare, to get ready for the final repudiation (rejection)

How are you using your time?

Are you watching?

Are you taking notes of who your allies are? 

Are you taking a stand?

Are you choosing a side? 

Are you speaking up?

Are you hiding out? 

Are you figuring out what you could do to help? 

Are you supporting a warrior?

Are you paying attention?

Do you have or love children?

I have 5

Our children are the future

What kind of future do you want for them?

You are being warned

they are showing and telling you who they are 

and what they will do if they come to full power

Don’t let your current safety fool you

It is only giving you time to be ready.

There is no peace.

Not at this time

Peace is just an illusion

*They- the fascists, the darkness, the cult, the bullies, the suppressors, the destroyers, etc.