From the trailer, it seemed colorful, and interesting but I couldn’t tell what this series was about, so watching it wasn’t something I had on my to do list. I wasn’t into any other Shonda Rhimes series, not that they’re not good, I am sure they are, they just were not for me. Also,  regency-era t.v shows have never been my thing. 

However, when I saw the trailer, it slightly intrigued me, with all the splash of color scattered everywhere, and I am not just talking about the clothes, but again, I couldn’t tell what the show was about, so I didn’t think much of it.

Then, some people mentioned it on my timeline on Twitter, my curiosity peaked a little bit and I wondered, “What the heck is this show about?” 

One Saturday morning, I had laundry to fold, and I wanted to do that in front of the t.v, I thought, “let me look for something that won’t require my full attention.” I looked for other things, but settled on “Bridgerton.”

I loved it! It did require my full attention, and got it. I binged watched the whole series that day. 

I loved the diversity of the cast, the colors, the fashion, the music, the dialogue, the chemistry, and even the sex.

I am usually not very comfortable with just thrown in there sex scenes, unless presented in a story where the actors have amazing chemistry and you feel the intensity of desire between them, the yearning for that kiss, that closeness, that touch, and you want it for them, because you believe they deserve it.

That’s what we had between the two protagonists (Daphne and Simon) of season one, the chemistry was so intense, that you yearned for that connection for them.

My favorite line in the series was when Simon said to Daphne “I burn for you.”

The characters and dialogue in this show were fascinating. 

The black queen, married to a white king, with her unique wigs and period dresses.

Lady Danbury with her sass and style, her command of a situation and insistence that you do whatever she asks, even the queen. 

Lady Bridgerton, her wisdom and intelligence not to be underestimated, is one powerhouse of a mother, except when preparing her oldest daughter for her marital bed. 

The Bridgertons and Featheringtons are very intriguing families of the Ton. 

Simon Bassett, The Duke of Hastings’ story is the part of the show (and the book series) that sparks deep thinking and reflection on many sensitive topics that we could all relate to in some way, for example, our relationship with our parents, how our childhood affects our adulthood, overcoming an impediment, learning to let love overpower your hate and desire for vengeance toward someone who did you harm, allowing yourself to be happy, and so much more. 

I loved the Bridgerton series so much, I decided to read the book series, written by Julia Quinn. I read up to Book 5, then took a break. Will be returning to the series soon. 

The Bridgerton Book  Series by Julia Quinn:

I also listened to a podcast series called “Bridgerton With Mary & Blake: A Bridgerton Podcast.” It was fun hearing what other people thought of the show and each episode. 

My favorite episodes of season one are “The Duke and I “ and “Swish”. Those episodes were sexy, sweet and classy. 

My favorite characters are Lady Dansbury and Lady Bridgerton, as well as the Duke (Simon Bassett)

I am very much looking forward to Season 2 of the Netflix series based on book 2 “The Viscount Who Loved Me”. It finally arrives on March 25th. 

Here’s what I wish. I wish I had some girlfriends to join me for Bridgerton Series Read & Watch Club for Season 2. 

I would love to link-up with other women who would appreciate both the show and the books as much as I do, so we can go on this Season 2 adventure together. I think that would be fun. I don’t know anyone to start this club with as yet, but I am putting it out there, maybe I’ll find some people to connect with this time around.

Here’s hoping.