First of all,  I never really paid attention to politics, shame on me, I never knew this otherside of America existed. I never realized there were two Americas, I thought all of America was going in the same direction. Forgive me, for my ignorance. 

I thought Obama’s America was America. I did not know the hell he had to go through over the last 8 years, until clips to reflect the hypocrisy and dishonesty surfaced, showing the difference from one presidency to another. 

If I had to choose which America, I preferred, I would choose Obama’s America. Obama’s America to me reflected intelligence, integrity, kindness, decency, goodness, progress, hope over fear, fun, a desire to make a difference, a desire to be a leader for all, even for those who treated him unfairly, a desire to preserve democracy,  well-thought through foreign-policy (that makes me feel safe), a historic and intelligent administration, historic and fair supreme court picks, policies to help everyday people (not just the greedy and rich) and more. 

All amidst an onslaught of lies, attacks on his character, sabotage and obstruction. I knew none of this, until the guy who came after him, like a magnifying glass revealed the difference between that presidency and this one. 

The things people complained about in Obama’s presidency, that they shamelessly accept above and beyond, wholeheartedly now. The one thing I don’t understand about American (mostly white) so-called Evangelicals is what they would accept and defend, just because the right con-politician says the right words, and yes gives them what they want. How easily they would look the other way on injustice and cruelty because their wish-list is being met. The Jesus they talk about in their churches would never do what they have done or accept what they have accepted. I would bet on my life, if he came down here right now and warned of what they were doing. If they could, they would crucify him all over again.

That Stupid Slogan

“Make America Great Again” was the slogan of the MAGA zombies in their red hats, a slogan I did not understand or think was going to resonate the way it did. I did not get it, because now I see I lived in Obama’s America. I always thought America was great. I loved that I lived here. It is only after the rise of “him” and his Maga hats, I realized that America was not as great as I thought. That it is a divided country always at tug-of-war with itself. How can this country ever progress very far, when the two major parties of this two-party system are always going in two completely opposite directions, and every time one or the other is in power, the goal is always to undo what was done by the other side. To be honest, I get that from my side, I think that Republican policies are cruel and in favor of the rich and corporations. I guess, people on the other side of the aisle have their reasons for wanting to undo certain democratic policies as well. I get it. My question is, how will this country progress, when it can’t even decide within itself, who it wants to be and what it represents. 

I could understand if the two parties disagreed on the how, but when they disagree on the who and what, that’s a tougher nut to crack or in this case, keep together.  

Photo Credits- Photo by Luke Stackpoole on Unsplash (Statue of Liberty), Photo by History in HD on Unsplash (Obama),
Photo by Aubrey Hicks on Unsplash (Maga Hat), Photo by Nitish Meena on Unsplash (Immigrants)

Not Because I Have To

I am an immigrant, I think the other side has got me pegged wrong, I am not here to pursue “the American Dream.” In my mind, America is just a part of my journey, a place I have chosen to hang my hat for a while. To lend to this country what I have to offer. My creativity, my vision, my presence, etc. I think the other side doesn’t realize that I and others like me, are what made and makes America great, this is a country of immigrants. While they are ignorantly hung up on the “Again” part of that stupid slogan, they are missing the fact that the world has gotten so much bigger than America, and not as many people “need” this country as they use to. I live here because I want to, not because I have to. 

Lately, I have been feeling like I don’t want to live here anymore. The only thing that keeps me here is this farm (where I live) and the dreams/vision attached to it. 

I miss the way America used to look in my eyes, but I guess I shouldn’t get hung up on the word “Again” either. Let’s see what America of the 21st Century and the Future has got for us/me. To be honest, the view from Biden’s America looks pretty good to me from here.